From Dust





Stockport is the home of Reebok's head office. The complex hosts impressive sports facilities and as part of a revamp of the Cross Fit gym, I was asked to explore the concept of man and machine.

The client had some interesting ideas about upgrading the human body and using robot schematics to create wall graphics for the Cross Fit area. Unfortunately, the concept was never put to use, but it was great fun exploring it.


The Process

The client wanted to see schematic illustrations of human-like robots, going as far as to sight the film Pacific Rim's UI design as a reference point. I needed to be able to create a lot of different images in a short space of time. I decided the best way was to build it in 3D, giving me the ability to render out multiple poses and camera angles from one design. After experiementing with render styles I found I could render the models contour lines quickly to get the required look. Using 3D kitbashing I was able to build a custom robot design in a short period of time. After the model was built it was easy to render out different poses and camera angles to build a library of images I could incorporate into the design.